Leaf celery A`damse

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■ You can use the chopped leaves for soups, sauces, marinades and meat dishes.
■ Amsterdam dark green Leaf Celery can be grown under glass and in the open ground.
■ Is finer in leaf and stem than the Common Cut.
■ Very aromatic and nicely compact plant.
■ When harvesting the leaves, do not cut away the heart of the plant.
■ Celery has a spicy flavour and is especially suitable for winter dishes.
■ Cooking harms the flavour and breaks down the vitamins, so add it only at the last minute.

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Latin name Apium graveolens

Refill 2 g

Number of seeds approx. 5000

Germination time in days approx. 20

Sowing temp. approx. 18ºC

Sow in a greenhouse: March-May
Sow outdoors: April-July
 Flowering/Harvest time: July-October
Sowing depth: 0.1 cm

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