Courgette Ambassador F1

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■ Gardener quality.
■ Early variety and well resistant to powdery mildew.
■ It is a heat-loving crop, so preferably pre-sow in pots in a greenhouse.
■ Sow in the garden in a sunny, sheltered spot and no earlier than the end of May!
■ Requires fertile humus-rich soil.
■ The silvery spotted leaf is not a disease but a hereditary trait.
■ The flowers are edible when young.
■ With continuous harvesting, the plant continues to bear for longer.
■ Forms no tendrils and is therefore fine to grow on large pots.
■ Harvesting the fruits young !

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Latin name: Cucurbita Pepo.

Number of seeds approx. 10.

Germination time in days approx. 10.

Sowing temp. approx. 20°C.

Sow in a greenhouse: March-May.

Sow outdoors: May-June.

Flowering/Harvest time: July-October.

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