Dianthus or Carnation Crimson 5430

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Swollen carnation, Dianthus

Stone carnation used to be used for potpourris and flower arrangements.
Lindoya forms sods of dense green leaves, stays low, is single-flowered and has a crimson colour.
Yarrow or Dianthus does well in full sun.
If sown early, i.e. under glass, possible flowers in t first year.
However, can also be sown well in the garden in a seedbed and transplanted later. 
Height 25 cm.

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Latin name Dianthus deltoides erectus

Dispense 0.1 g

Number of seeds approx. 550

Germination time in days approx. 21

Sowing temp. approx. 18ºC

Height: 35 cm
Sow in a greenhouse: March-May
Sow outdoors: May-June
 Flowering/Harvest time: June-September
Sowing depth: 0.5 cm

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