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Head or Butter lettuce.

■ Lettuce Sylvesta is a gardener's quality.
■ Sylvesta is resistant to green aphid and partially resistant to downy mildew.
■ Makes a nice head quickly.
■ The cultivation period is very long, from early spring to late autumn.
■ Can be sown under glass (do ventilate in warm weather) and in the garden from mid-March.
■ Keep seedlings cool in summer.
■ Thin out liberally and keep sufficiently moist in dry weather.
■ Shoots slow and doesn't get edge easily.
■ Lettuce can be sown as early as very cool temperatures (> 10°C).

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Latin name: Lactuca Sativa.

Fill 0.1 g.

Number of seeds approx. 100.

Germination time in days approx. 10.

Sowing temp. approx. 18°C.

Sow in a greenhouse: February-April.

Sow outdoors: March-July.

Flowering/Harvest time: July-October.

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