Spinach New Zealand (wild) 25 grams

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New Zealand Spinach

■ Sow for early picking under glass in press pots or for later picking in the open ground.
■ Spinach New Zealand is a slender, heat-loving plant, which can be greatly enjoyed under glass.
■ In open ground, it will not be possible until after mid-May.
■ Also does fine in large pots.
■ It is a tender, spicy vegetable, to be prepared like spinach.
■ Sow for early picking under glass in (press) pots, for later picking in open ground.
■ Pre-soak seeds for 12 hours before sowing.



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Latin name Beta vulgaris

Dispense 25 g

Germination time in days approx. 16

Sowing temp. approx. 16ºC

Sow in a greenhouse: April-July
Sow outdoors: May-July
 Flowering/Harvest time: July-November
Sowing depth: 1 cm

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