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■ For use in salads, garnishes, sauces and on bread, among others.
■ In cress, the leaves and stems can be eaten raw.
■ Sowing can be done indoors all year round on potting soil or any material imaginable that is clean and retains moisture.
■ Sow small quantities regularly, then fresh cuts can be made again and again.
■ When the plants are about 6 cm high cut away the leaves and use for salads, garnishes, sauces and on sandwiches.
■ Garden cress is Fun to show children a quick and edible result.

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Latin name Lepidium sativum

Dispense 10 g

Number of seeds approx. 4000

Germination time in days approx. 2

Sowing temp. approx. 18ºC

Sow in a greenhouse: all year round
Sow outdoors: May-August
 Flowering/harvest time: Throughout the year
Sowing depth: 0.1 cm

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